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Homewood Baseball & Softball

Homewood Baseball and Softball is one of the premier youth sports organizations in the Chicago Area.  Established in 1951, our volunteer organization has grown to one of the largest Baseball, Softball, and T-ball organizations in the area.  


You may have heard or read that Governor Pritzker has enacted some new guidelines for youth sports, and we wanted to send an update to you to let you know where HBSL stands based on these new recommendations.

The short story is that our in-house, recreational league WILL NOT be affected, as we are already doing everything that the new recommendations ask.

The new guidelines will take effect 8/15, and ask that youth sports like ours follow a stricter set of guidelines, which are delineated sport by sport. Baseball and softball fall into the least regulated category, which is referred to as 'lower risk.' For sports in this category, we are currently doing everything we need to do to continue playing. These activities include keeping players six feet apart in dugouts, disinfecting gear and keeping practice and game records to be used for contact tracing, if needed.

HBSL will continue to monitor and follow national, state and local guidelines as they apply to our in-house league. We will also reevaluate our travel team schedules to fall in line with the guidelines, as appropriate.

Thank you for continuing to follow the guidelines set by HBSL and for continuing to support our league. 

HBSL Board of Directors

For more information, please email us.


Our mission is to create a fun, competitive and fair environment for players of all ages and abilities to improve their skills and build lifelong friendships through sport.

Our nearly 70-year history in Homewood was built though volunteerism, dedication and pride in creating a sense of community and nurturing a healthy love of the game. 


Retain and grow the league while continuing to evolve and adapt to meet the changing needs of the community and youth sports. As a board, continue to represent the league in its entirety and remain the oldest and largest youth baseball and softball program in the south suburbs of Chicago.


Player growth: Helping each child grow their individual skill set, leadership skills and understanding of being a member of a team

Sportsmanship: Teaching coaches, players and parents the value of playing hard, playing fair, respecting umpires and playing for the benefit of the team

Competition: Providing appropriate competition for children of all skill levels

Volunteerism: Building a league around our volunteer(s) (coaches, board members, commissioners and concession stand workers) that fosters a sense of community and friendship among our players, families and friends

Heritage: We have built the largest and oldest baseball and softball league in the south suburbs of Chicago based on the strength of our people, our neighborhood and our fields.

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